DeltaForce 1C


Two directions of control plus a simple user interface — dominating down force like no one else.

DeltaForce replaces the springs or air bags on your planter with hydraulic cylinders. It automatically increases or reduces weight with military precision, on each row individually.
So when one row encounters conditions different than another (wheel tracks, old road beds, clay knobs, headlands, whatever), each will adjust independently.
Row by row, foot by foot, depth stays exactly where you want it. Row by row, foot by foot, even seed by seed, you produce an environment that fosters uniform germination, optimum growth and maximum yield. You can put DeltaForce on most Deere, CaseIH, Kinze and select White planter models.

Bad Root Structure Is A Hidden Lossdelta_force_200x_second
With too much weight on your row units, you get compacted roots.
With too little, you get seeds too close to the surface.
But when your down force matches field conditions, you maintain
the right depth and create a just-right seed environment for
maximum yield.
DeltaForce enables just that, automatically & continuously.

The Down Force Mystery

Singulation accuracy below the high 90s will throw most farmers into a panic. Yet we use
equipment with down force accuracy as low as 85%. It’s a mystery why such a critical issue as
down force – seed depth – is left unattended.

85% – OEM Air Bag Accuracy
98% – DeltaForce Accuracy

Are you ready for 98%?