SPOT ON AG,  Field Day 12-13 July 2016

See the Precision Planting and Yield 360 range. Our custom built precision planter. 360 Soilscan Nitrogen testing. Retro fitted JD1890 single disc planter. Fieldview discussion, demonstrations and more

We have a demo field that has 10 varieties of crops singulated in for inspection and discussion

Click on link below to view and print. We look forward to seeing you there.

Spot on Ag field day flyer



We have developed a bracket to fit the Precision Planting Cleansweep system to John Deere 1890 Single disk planters with row cleaners. The Cleansweep system gives you “in Cab” control over your row cleaners with a control system that mounts in the cab. This allows you to apply down pressure, float the cleaner or lift it up. See video below of Cleansweep working.

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We also created a “Shark Tooth” wheel that bolts onto the Aricks hub. The shorter curved teeth give more ground contact and perform well against smaller stubble like wheat and barley.IMG_0505 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)





While on the subject of single disks, we have a Keeton seed firmer that easily mounts onto the row and replaces the standard firmer wheel which is prone to blocking up in sticky conditions. The Keeton gives you better soil to seed contact and more uniform emergence.

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