vSet 1C

vSetVset 2.Better accuracy, longer life and more flexibility

The vSet meter:
• the best singulation available
• outstanding reliability
• easy to maintain
• easy to use

vSet features a flat disk with a single vac setting. It releases seeds down the center of the tube – critical to optimum spacing. And has a floating, 5-lobed singulator that makes sure no two seeds of any kind can occupy the same hole. One seed locks in and one seed drops. Every time.   This champion singulator is a model of simplicity in operation. It handles any seed size or shape without finicky tweaks to vac pressure, disk or singulator settings.   Just pour in the seed and go. Then get ready for your best possible yield.

Why Vset 2?

  • Plant more varieties of seeds with only a simple disk and singulator change
  • Plant a greater variety of seed shapes and sizes
  • Reduce wear and reduce maintenance costs
  • Plant Canola, Cotton, Corn, Chick Pea, Faba Beans, Field Pea, Lentil, Sorghum,Vset Meters offer the highest possible accuracy while still featuring a simple, low maintenance design.

vset singulator

– A spring loaded singulator eliminates doubles

– Vsets feature a very low torque requirement which lowers wear and tear on drive systems

– Handles all seed sizes without adjustments


Vset releases seeds for the perfect drop into the seed tube

vset releaseIn addition to Vset, SpeedTube can increase planting speeds to 16km/h!Vdrive is an electric drive option for Vset 2 to offer perfect control of population around curves, and other obstacles